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Enterprise Risk Management


Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. And the African landscape is changing rapidly especially due to the digital and mobile technology revolution. And with robust growth, adoption of technology and increased use of the internet and social media, comes the exposure to risk.

For a long time, Africa has had to manage crises. But for stable, sustainable growth to be possible, all successful economies must be able to plan for & manage risk.

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has identified this need and set up a compliance division named Risk Based Supervision (RBS).

In January 2005, Kenya issued risk management guidelines to State Corporations. Through their publication Mwongozo, the board is given the responsibility of ensuring that the organisations has adequate systems and processes of accountability, risk management & internal audits.

At Agano, we work to ensure that companies understand, identify and mitigate risks at an early stage. We do this by advancing top experts to work with a company and provide a 360-degree solution.  We partner with businesses to create appropriate strategies that works! and helps implement it.


Service Highlights                        

Our specialists analyse risk from an integrated perspective, exploring risk relationships within your organization to create a more sophisticated understanding of your company’s material risks.

We use our experience, best practices and standards to understand your business– operating environment, opportunities, developments and threats— to give you a suitable solution that fits your needs. We ensure we tell you something new and useful.


Who it’s for

Public and private sector organisations:

  • In a highly regulated industry.
  • Seeking to better understand and mitigate the risks it faces across the entire company.
  • Wanting to benchmark and improve existing risk management arrangements.
  • Looking to coordinate and formalise its risk management efforts across the firm.


What you get

  • A proven process using global set standards to help you identify and assess material risks, develop specific mitigation strategies, and assess enterprise-wide technology platforms for ongoing monitoring and reporting.
  • The ability to create a holistic, enterprise-wide risk aware culture, drawing upon Agano’s expertise in industry issues, risk analysis, analytics, organizational change, and risk technology.
  • Knowledge and skills to transfer to staff and management. We will train staff on exposure or risk avoidance, loss prevention, loss reduction, and risk financing. We will also orient you on policy and strategy documents preparation and implementation.



Gap Analysis

Our team of experts first carry out a gap analysis to highlight the current state of the organisation, the resources that exist and what gaps may need to be filled to be successful.

Risk Identification and Assessment

We will identify the risks and use standards, experience and best practice to come up with a clear assessment or the risks. The result is a strategic organizational risk map.

Risk Analysis

After understanding your risk loopholes, we will develop tolerance thresholds; modeling risks and their variance; provide an analysis of the projected impact of mitigation strategies; assist you in determining capital allocation; and consider the good side of risk to your business.

Risk Evaluation

After the analysis, we look at possible actions taken with respect to each risk—accepting it, managing it, or exploiting it. We also develop an implementation plan. Agano Consulting offers an evaluation of risk treatment options which include the projected costs and benefits; identification of risk ownership; the recommendation of appropriate solutions; and the implementation of risk mitigation strategies.

Risk Reporting

Our expert team establishes a comprehensive risk reporting system that is aligned with organizational performance and management structures and processes. The reports ensure that risk reporting systems operate efficiently.

Technology Strategies

Agano works with you to establish principal business requirements; we advise on best technology solutions; assist you in the development and implementation of a technology infrastructure; and evaluate various software applications and point out any risks inherent.


Risk management efforts can often degenerate into narrow compliance to regulatory rules and end up being nothing more than “box-ticking” exercises.

At Agano we ensure that we train the scale of professionals— from users, technical, supervisors and executives—on risk management and how effective strategies can improve their organisation sustainability and profitability.  We also ensure that we identify and equip risk champions who are integral to effective risk management.

Organisation Implementation

We work with you to enhance existing processes or create new ones. We set a proper project management office with clear reporting lines and right procedures in place. This phase will include risk reduction actions, contingency management and recovery with constant monitoring and periodical updating.




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