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The Gold in Your Data! Ever Cared to Look for it?

All data has a story; you just need to look for it and the tools to do so

 4[1]-Day Training in Data and Business Analytics[2]

Do you know how you can harness the power of data for the benefit of your business? Effective data analysis can offer insights to enable you to understand happenings (what happened and why) in your business, support accurate predictions, and suggest possible courses of future action for your business.

Across the world, businesses use insights from data to make decisions with a view to enhancing efficiency, improving performance, diversifying products and services, enriching customer experience, and gaining competitive advantage, among many others.

“Data is the new OIL” is a common refrain in business cycles; it applies to all businesses, be they big or small. Developing data analysis capabilities can make a difference with respect to future growth. Modern organizations (public, non-governmental and private) need sound data analysis proficiency to support evidence-based decision-making and enable them to meet desired goals and remain competitive.

In this course, participants will learn about data analytics and its role in decision-making. They will understand different analytics methods and appreciate the tools needed for analysis.  The course will focus on the use of outcomes for understanding the landscape, enabling extrapolation into the future, and assisting in future decision-making, including the following:

  • Understanding key concepts in data and business analytics;
  • Appreciating the role of data and analytics in managing enterprises
  • Using data analysis techniques and tools
  • Appreciating key approaches to the use of analytics and evidence-based decisions
Why should you attend? Who should attend?
  • Understand key terminology – big data, analytics, business analytics, and more;
  • Appreciate the use of analytics to formulate and solve problems and to support decision making – evidence-based decision making;
  • Appreciate the processes, techniques, and methodologies needed for data analysis;
  • Understand and examine the role and use of common tools for analytics
  • Managers, supervisors, and personnel involved in day-to-day business execution;
  • Project and programme managers;
  • Business productive/service owners
  • IT specialists
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Change management professionals


Day One – 1 Day Two – 2

Data, information, and Knowledge

  • Big Data & Why Big Data
  • Data vs Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business analytics application
Techniques & Tools for Data Analysis

  • Business Analytics and organizational management (descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and data-driven decision-making
  • Data analysis techniques & tools: data mining/discovery; AI/Machine learning
Day three – 3 Day Four – 4

  • Data/Business Analysis Process
  • Data Visualization principles
  • Techniques and tools
Business Analysis & enterprise applications

  • Business & sales analysis & forecasts
  • Product/service pricing
  • Customer relationship management
  •  Fraud risk management

[1] Refer to our calendar for scheduled dates; check www.aganoconsulting.com or email: info@aganoconsulting.com

[2] Also available for in-house training; contact us for terms and pricing.

[3] Note that the topics here are given only as a guide; the instructor will gauge participant interests to tailor topics.

A-4 Introduction to Data & Business Analytics. – Course Description

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