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Fraud Risk Management

No single entity (public or private) is immune to fraud!

Only those that are prepared can minimize the impact of fraud on their business!

Understand and manage fraud-related risks

4 Day Fraud Risk Management Training.

Course Outline:

All organizations, large and small, public and private face fraud-related risks. In the public sector, the Auditor General reports chronicle large losses of public resources. Globally, organizations in the private sector lose not less than 5% of their revenues to fraud. The situation is exacerbated by the ubiquitous use of technology that speeds up fraudulent activities and leads to higher losses.

Organizations need sound anti-fraud and comprehensive proactive anti-fraud approaches. A risk-based approach would enable the effective use of resources used in the prevention and detection of fraud and commensurate responses. The approach requires fraud risk management: identification, quantification, mitigation, and monitoring of fraud-related risks.

In this course, participants will learn the specifics of fraud and fraud risk management. They will understand the most common types of fraud such as manipulation of assets, financial statement fiddling, and corruption. The course will focus on how organizations can counter fraud as part of their risk management initiatives, including:

  • Identifying, assessing, and managing fraud risks;
  • Entrenching fraud risk management culture in organizations;
  • Developing systems of internal control that mitigate fraud risks;
  • Responding to identified cases of fraud;
  • Using of technology in fraud risk management
Why should you attend? Who should attend?

–          Fraud risks, their causes, and impacts;

–          Risk management & its application to managing fraud;

–          Development & implementation of fraud risk management programmes;

–          Master success factors  needed for effective fraud risk management;

–          Appreciate the effective use of technology in fraud risk management

–       Governance, risk, and compliance officers

–       Managers (intermediate and senior)

–       Fraud examiners & investigators;

–       Auditors – internal and external;

–       Accountants & financial analysts (intermediate & senior)




Day One – 1 Day Two – 2

Fraud, risk, fraud risk; why manage fraud risk; forms of fraud; roles and responsibilities in managing fraud risk

Fraud risk and the law;



Fraud Risk Management & Risk Management Frameworks

Fraud in the context of Risk Management

Risk Management Frameworks; Fraud risk Management Framework

ISO 31000 and Fraud Risk Management

Fraud Risk Governance, Policies & Guidelines

Day three – 3 Day Four – 4
Fraud Risk Assessment, deterrence, and control

–       Fraud prevention and deterrence techniques;

–       Risk Assessment & Control;

–       Fraud detection methods and tools; and response

Fraud in the Era of Technology

·         Impact of technology on fraud

·         Technology use in Fraud Risk Management

·         Frauds related to operational matters




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$1100 (KES 90,000): covers:  4-day workshop: morning tea-break snack, lunch, afternoon tea-break snack + learning material; $600 (KES 65,000): virtual training + learning material. ·         info@aganoconsulting.com

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·         Phone: +254 101 915 260

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