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Information Security, Cyber Crime & Digital Forensics

$500 billion: Organizational Losses due to cyber crime globally!

KES 1.5 billion: 2013 Technology-Related Losses in Kenya

Cyber crime is on the rise!

4 Day Computer Crime & Information Security Management

Global reports indicate a rise in computer related crime, referred to as cyber crime or computer crime. Consequently, organizations lose billions of dollars annually, $500 billion in 2013. In Kenya, banking sector is deemed to have lost KES 1.5 billion in the same period due to failure of ICT security controls.

Experience shows that organizations with proactive information security approaches reduce the chances of loss due to cyber crime. Information security management offers a systematic approach to address cyber-related crime.

This course draws upon leading practices in information security management both from practical and theoretical approaches and will draw upon instructors’ extensive experience in the field. Case studies will be used to anchor the theoretical knowledge and hence allow participants to relate to their environments. All the work will be anchored in the ISO 27000 standard series.


Expose participants to Information security risks, cyber crime and countermeasures:

  • Understand the “why, what, when, how and who” of cyber crime and counter strategies
  • Appreciate the need for systematic approach to information protection against cyber crime
  • Learn practical steps towards sound information security management
  • Demonstrate how to plan, develop and implement information security in organizations
Why should you attend? Who should attend?
·         Understand the why, what, when and how of cyber crime & its impact on organizations

·         Appreciate the value of systematic approach to information security management

·         Know approaches and methodologies for effective information protection

·         Comprehend the roles & responsibilities of key players in cybercrime prevention.

·         Managers & senior operations personnel responsible for information security, risk management & ICT risk management

·         Operations personnel responsible for management & audit of technology, human resource, finance, administration, facilities.

·         Operations personnel responsible for risk management & compliance

·         Officials of public and private sectors, as well as agencies concerned with information security

·         Public relations and corporate communications managers


Day One Day Two
·         Overview: Information Security & cyber crime

·         Information Security & Risk Management

·         Computer crime: threat landscape

·         Cyber crime Impact on organizations

·         Cyber crime countermeasures

·         Management of information security

·         Preparations, detection & response measures


Day three Day Four
·         Logical Access Controls & Access Management

·         Security incident management

·         Digital forensics approach to incident management

·         Business continuity management (BCM)

·         Cryptographic techniques for information protection

·         Application security measures

·         Security testing: applications, systems, etc.