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Agano works with Telecommunication and broadband companies to install Fiber to the home (FTTH), also known as Last Mile Connectivity.

Our team of telecom engineers install and connect optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access.


Our Telecom Services Highlights:

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Contracting
  • Training
  • ICT equipment Supply
  • Fibre to Home – (Last Mile Connectivity)


Our Specialisation

  1. Engineering: Our trained team of telecommunications experts work with our clients to identify Information Technology solutions for their business operations. We provide telecommunications solutions for our clients using the latest state-of-the-art technology and engineering methodologies. This includes Communication Infrastructure Design and the Project Implementation & Testing.

Our Communications infrastructure design including the following:

  • RF and Microwave Network design
  • Line of Sight Surveys ( LOS)
  • Installation, testing and commissioning
  • Fibre Optic and copper cable installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance
  • Microwave Radio Links installations and commissioning
  • BTS installation and integration
  • Local Area and Wide Area Networking (LAN and WAN) installation and commissioning
  • VSAT installations and maintenance


  1. Project Management: Our experienced project management professionals deliver assignments on time and on budget.
  2. Contracting and associated works: We do contracting including civil works and cable laying.
  3. Training, Our experienced team of training experts comes with national, regional and global experience. When required, we partner with major telecommunications vendors to meet client training needs. Key training areas include: Copper, Fibre, LAN/WAN Networks and IP Engineering (CISCO).
  4. IT Supplies: We supply IT equipment, test gear and accessories: We have partnered with major telecommunications manufacturers across the world and supply equipment, tools and associated gargets.


Why you should work with us:

We have employed technicians who were previously trained by former Kenya Posts & Telecommunication Corporation (KPTC), Telkom Kenya Ltd as well as from a number of other telecommunications companies locally & internationally. Our experts bring vast experiences spanning 30 years and teamed with the financial capacity and machinery we own, we are able to undertake major projects and deliver successfully.

This experience spans conceptualization, design, installation, testing and commissioning of telecommunication projects. Our services include radio, cabling and civil works, structured cabling (copper and fibre) and tunneling.



Telkom Kenya Ltd Trenching, rodding, pulling fibre cable, testing and terminating the same, mainly in Western Kenya. Total number of projects – more than 10 in the following locations: – Busia – Kisii – Kisumu


Various radio installations, testing and commissioning in Western Kenya, including Ubiquiti WiMax Equipment in various locations: Ugunja, Luanda, Homa Bay.
Teleposta Telecommunication Infrastructure design, installation, testing and commissioning.
Koisagat Tea Factory Ltd Clinic Installation, testing and commissioning of PABX, including structured cabling, call management application integration.
Lake Bogoria Spar Resort Installation, testing and commissioning of PABX, including structured cabling, call management application integration.
Gathunguru Tea Factory Ltd Installed, programmed, commissioned and (in some cases) maintained PABX equipment.


DL Koisagat Tea Factory Ltd Installation, testing and commissioning of PABX, including structured cabling, call management application integration.




Upper Nile State, Southern Sudan

Bts Survey design for ten Huawei Bts sites in Upper Nile State in South Sudan. This involved verifying the sites’ coordinates, establishing physical logistics to established how transport installation materials, manpower, and as well as the material requirements at the sites.
Voice/Data in Southern Sudan Installation of Voice/data in three camps in South Sudan at Rumbek, Wau, and Yambio. This involved installation of three Vsat equipment, computer/voice networks and power supply.


University Way Trenching Trenching along the University Way road (distance 2.5km) from Uhuru Highway to Global round about, including two links across the same road, at synagogue to Ambank building and Harry Thuku to Windsor building. This involved trenching, building of 10 manholes, laying of pvc pipes, reinstatement, and splicing of the optic cable.


Sang’anyi Tea Factory Ltd PABX installation and structured cabling 12. Mudete Tea Factory Ltd. PABX installation and structured cabling





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